“You have cancer…” are three of the most terrifying words anyone can hear.

And that’s what my doctor told me over 30 years ago.  Here’s how I survived and why a cancer diagnosis does NOT have to be a death sentence.


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Stay Cancer-Free

30+ Year Stage IV Cancer Survivor, James Templeton, reveals his daily rituals for keeping healthy and remaining cancer-free in this FREE guidebook. Download your copy now.

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Watch the latest Survivor Story interview to learn what these long-term cancer-survivors are doing to successfully fight cancer, defy the odds, and remain cancer-free, vibrant and healthy for life!

“James Templeton is the real deal.  Learn from his miracle mindset and fight for your life.”

Mark Hyman, MD
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author


Discover 6 Powerful Foods To Fight (and Prevent) Cancer!

Start your journey to wellness with these “insider secrets”. James Templeton, 30+ year stage IV melanoma cancer survivor and founder of the Templeton Wellness Foundation, shares his pick of the six most powerful cancer-fighting foods on the planet.

James Templeton's 30+ year Cancer Survival Story

If you or a loved one has cancer, there’s reason for hope:

More than three decades ago, when I was just 32 years old, I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. Doctors offered me few treatment options. And even less chance for survival.

That was the beginning of the fight for my life. I pored over stacks of books and medical papers. I dove into alternative health approaches. I met with cancer survivors to hear their stories. I turned the world upside down looking for something, anything, that would give me an edge over cancer. And you know what? I found it.

The thing is though… none of what I found came from traditional medical books or doctors. Instead, my discoveries were rooted in natural approaches and therapies. I’ve since named these discoveries “The Universal Keys to Health”. And if you or a loved one are living with cancer, or you want to cancer-proof your life, then I want to share these “Universal Keys to Health” with you.

I’ve created the Templeton Wellness Foundation to bring you breakthrough strategies, tools, and inspiration to help you beat and prevent cancer. I’m living proof that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. And I’m honored to walk with you on your own healing journey.

Templeton Wellness Foundation is a Comprehensive Collection of My Own Research and Resources to SURVIVING Cancer.

Latest Cancer Articles

Surviving Cancer Articles

Knowledge is power, especially in fighting cancer.  These articles will make sure you’re up-to-date on all the latest research, trends and successful strategies in the fight against cancer.

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Surviving Cancer Resources

Surviving Cancer Resources

We’ve compiled a complete directory of remarkable resources to help you, or your loved ones in the fight of your life.  These resources can provide a path to wellness and the tools to see it through.

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Health Tips for Fighting Cancer

These quick and surprising tips provide you with little-known, yet highly effective tips and strategies to fight cancer, improve health, and stay motivated from someone who’s been there himself.

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My friend James is a perfect example of the life changing power of truly healing foods. I highly recommend you read his inspiring story and learn how you too can tap into the restorative properties of the right foods and supplements.

Anthony William
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Survival Stories

Cancer Survivor, Rivi Litvin

Cancer Survivor, Rivi Litvin

Rivi Litvin beat a devastating late stage diagnosis on her own terms and shares her personal story and advice for surviving cancer.

Cancer Survivor, Joe Tippens

Cancer Survivor, Joe Tippens

Joe Tippens beat a terminal Stage 4 Lung Cancer diagnosis with $7 Dog Medicine. He shares his personal story and advice.

Cancer Survivor, Jacquie Waldron

Cancer Survivor, Jacquie Waldron

Jacquie Waldron bypassed chemo and radiation and opted to use natural means to heal herself, and shares her personal story and advice for surviving cancer.

Cancer Survivor, Trina Hammack

Cancer Survivor, Trina Hammack

Her Tumor was the size of a melon before she received a Stage 3 aggressive Ovarian Cancer diagnosis. Trina shares her inspiring journey of traveling to Mexico to find a cancer treatment program tailed to her needs.

Cancer Survivor, Ann Cooper

Cancer Survivor, Ann Cooper

Ann beat a Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis with coffee enemas and enzyme therapy. She shares her personal story and advice for surviving cancer.

Cancer Survivor, Christine Holcomb

Cancer Survivor, Christine Holcomb

Despite being diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer, Christine got back in balance and healed. She shares her personal story and advice for surviving cancer and keeping it at bay.

I Used To Have Cancer

Chosen by Publishers Weekly as A Top Pick!

I Used to Have Cancer is James Templeton’s memoir—an inspiring look back at his unique journey in overcoming stage 4 melanoma. James takes you with him on a trip crisscrossing America, during which he shares the various natural approaches he followed to battle his cancer—from diet and supplements to meditation and lifestyle adjustments. As his journey continued, you will see first-hand how James’ definition of success changed from making money to seeing the next sunrise. And how he continues finding success by reaching out to others to share the lessons he has learned.

While this book largely focuses on the various methods James used to overcome his own cancer, it is also an inspiring story of not giving up when all other avenues of conventional medicine fail. It is about taking control of your life and finding a way back from the brink of death. It is about being able to tell your friends, “I used to have cancer.”

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As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying

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The Healing Powers of the Gifts of the Magi

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Hard Choices for Cancer Patients Amid Pandemic

Those with cancer have a double dose of problems. Already at high risk of complications, cancer patients are finding it increasingly difficult to get routine medical care due to the increased risk of infection of viral infection during the current pandemic.

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