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Expert Interview, Dr. Kevin Conners

Join James and Dr. Kevin Conners as they discuss “why you should stop fighting cancer and treat the cause instead.”  Dr. Conners also explains the role of targeted Rife frequencies in healing and the science behind it.
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About this Episode:

Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause with Dr. Kevin Conners

Dr. Kevin Conners is the Clinic Director at Conners Clinic, an Alternative Cancer Treatment & Coaching Center and has been studying alternative cancer care for over 23 years. He also holds AMA Fellowships and Board Certifications in Anti-Aging Medicine, Regenerative and Functional Medicine, Botanical Medicine, and is Board Certified in Integrative Cancer Therapy. Join James Templeton and Dr. Conners as they dive right into discussing the concept around “stop fighting cancer and start treating the cause,” what is the most common cause of cancer, the importance of understanding the “7 phases of detox,” the role of targeted Rife frequencies in healing and the science behind it, diets that harm and diets that heal, and the vital importance of using the right supplements. Dr. Conners is truly a treasure chest of wisdom and this is a must-see interview!

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