Surprise! The Templeton List has taken the guesswork out of finding the healthiest restaurants.

Our team vets restaurants all across the country to determine if they meet our strict standards. So don’t settle for just any restaurant when you can search thousands of hand-picked establishments that feature fresh, healthy food you can feel good about eating.


Our 5 Star Rating System

Restaurants listed in The Templeton List have been evaluated using our 5-Star rating system to determine adherence to our strict ingredient, preparation and environmental guidelines. Each restaurant displays a green check mark next to each area of compliance.

★ Is your food locally sourced?

★ Is your food organic, pesticide and chemical-free?

★ Do you use Healthy non-hydrogenated oils?

★ Is your water filtered?

★ Do you use real butter and absolutely no margarine?

★ Are you GMO-free?

★ Are you MSG-free?

Check out The Templeton List today!

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