The fungus among us is no joking matter. I know because I was affected when a home I was renting was literally making me sick to the point I was having chest pains and thought it was a heart-related problem. It turned out that my symptoms were caused by exposure to mold in the house we were renting at that time.

mold in home

As I write about in my book, I Used to Have Cancer, mold in your home, school, or workplace can be a serious concern for your health, since up to 40 percent of American schools and 25 percent of homes have mold infestations. Mycotoxins, produced by some molds, can cross into your brain from your nose and eyes. Two of the better-known toxic molds include Stachybotrys chartarum (“black mold”), which can cause everything from headaches to cancer, and Aspergillus, which can cause severe lung infections, or progress to whole-body infections.

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