When a 30-year survivor of terminal cancer speaks, I listen.

Can you imagine praying fervently from your hospital bed, desperate for a cure for your advanced cancer, and within minutes having a number of people come walking through your door, each with a different key for the healing you just prayed for? And this isn’t even where his story starts…

James Templeton had it all – he was a highly successful businessman, had a beautiful wife and daughter, and was only in his early 30s when a diagnosis changed it all. In the blink of an eye he went from living the American dream to praying to see his next sunrise. When doctors had given up all hope in him surviving, he started fighting cancer naturally – his way – and won.

James writes his tale as only a true Texan can, with wit and flair, and an impressive library of natural health knowledge. While this book focuses on the methods he used to overcome his cancer, I found it an endearing and inspiring story of a “comeback kid” who didn’t give up when all conventional methods of healing cancer failed him.

Spoiler alert: He not only regained his health and wealth, but he found his happily ever after:  yours truly!  James Templeton is my life partner.

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