Citizens living near a proposed chemical plant in St. James Parish fought for years to get the permitting revoked, and a U.S. Court has now reversed those permits which had been issued by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality to FG LA, a member of Formosa Plastic Group, a Taiwanese conglomerate.

If permits had not been revoked, the plant would not only would be one of the largest production facilities for plastics and plastic feedstocks in the world, but it would also be one of the largest single sources of carbon emissions in the U.S., doubling toxic emissions locally and releasing up to 13 million tonnes of greenhouse gases a year.

It’s easy to see why local residents were so upset. After all, how many townships do you know in which almost every household has someone who died from cancer? The word spread fast amongst Louisiana’s notorious ‘Cancer Alley’.

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Permit for Petrochemical Complex in Louisiana's "Cancer Alley" Finally Revoked



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