Believe it or not, only about 45% of your body is made up of human cells. The rest of your body is made up of massive numbers of microscopic dwellers. The greatest concentration of this microscopic life lies deep within the murky depths of your bowels.

The microbiome in our gut is linked to diseases including depression, autism, Parkinson’s, and they can even affect the efficacy of cancer drugs. In modern days, we have used antibiotics to rid ourselves of harmful microbes, not always realizing that beneficial microbes were destroyed as well. Our modern diet with all its processed foods deals us yet another blow. Careful adjustment of both prebiotics and probiotics are necessary to restore the beneficial flora balance in our guts and for good health to flourish.

Even a simple tablespoon of sauerkraut each day can help to restore proper flora balance. Ideally, you could make it yourself as your grandmother may have done. But if not, be sure to choose unpasteurized versions so that precious microbes are not destroyed. Bubbies Sauerkraut is my favorite.

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