Farm to Table: The Importance of Locally Sourced Food for Restaurants

How do you find a good restaurant that serves quality food that won’t hamper your success in fighting cancer? The answer is our unique restaurant guide, called The Templeton List. It’s a simple way to search thousands of hand-selected restaurants all across the country that feature fresh, healthy food you can feel good about eating.

The mission of the Templeton Wellness Foundation is to provide breakthrough strategies, tools, and inspiration to help you beat and prevent cancer. And that most definitely includes the food we eat. That’s why I made it a priority to address the issues of eating out.

Our Templeton List research team is constantly on the lookout for the healthiest restaurants in the country. Of the many thousands we have vetted, there are currently nearly 5,000 certified healthy, organic restaurants from all fifty States that have been included in our growing list. And we’re just getting started!

The Templeton List 5-Star Rating System

Restaurants listed in the Templeton List directory have been evaluated using our 5-Star rating system to determine adherence to our strict ingredient, preparation and environmental guidelines.

The questions asked of each restaurant include:

Is your food locally sourced?

★ Is your food organic, pesticide and chemical-free?

★ Do you use healthy, non-hydrogenated oils?

★ Is your water filtered?

★ Do you use real butter and absolutely no margarine?

★ Are you GMO-free?

★ Are you MSG-free?

What is it about the first question asked that is so important?

“Is your food locally sourced?”

Ever wonder how that tomato you bought several weeks ago from the supermarket is still fresh? Or why it tasted so bland even though it had a rich red color? Unless you’ve tasted an organically grown, vine-ripened tomato, you’ve truly not experienced the full flavor – and the full nutrient benefits – it can provide. Ditto for every other vegetable and fruit. Why is that?

Locally sourced food is a healthier option for many reasons

  • Freshness: Fruits and vegetables start to lose their nutrient value within 24 hours of being picked. So, it only makes sense that locally sourced food is fresher than food that has been transported over long distances. All of us, especially cancer patients, need fresh produce that is exceptionally rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These are the nutrients that turbocharge the immune system while reducing inflammation and its harmful effects.
  • Nutrient density: Restaurants that purchase locally sourced foods are more likely to obtain produce that is grown in nutrient-rich soil and picked at the peak of ripeness. These two factors can significantly increase the food’s nutrient density. According to the Rodale Institute: “The longer fruit and veggies spend on a truck or in storage before being delivered to you, the greater the loss of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. The moment a piece of produce is picked or cut, its enzymes begin decomposing and feeding on precious nutrients. Researchers at Montclair State University revealed that the vitamin C content of broccoli was cut in half when it was shipped from out of the country compared to when it was sourced locally.” (Why Local Food Is Better for You)
  • Reduced exposure to toxins: The last thing you need if you are already fighting cancer is to be exposed to pesticides and other harmful chemicals which only helps to add insult to injury. That’s why organically-grown food is vitally important. This study, mentioned in a Templeton Wellness article, demonstrates how simply eating organic food can reduce your risk of cancer by 25%.
  • Seasonal availability: Nature generously provides us with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, all grown “in season”. Eating within the confines of seasonal availability of those foods naturally results in a diverse and balanced diet. While there are foods that are particularly robust in their cancer-fighting abilities (such as cruciferous foods), eating a variety of organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables is a simple way to reduce your cancer risk.
  • It supports the local community: Restaurants who partner with local farmers and producers not only provide the freshest, and often healthiest menu items, they also support the hard-working folks in the community. It’s a win-win for everyone!.


How to Find A Healthy Restaurant

How to Find A Healthy, Organic Restaurant in Your Area

To find a heathy, organic restaurant in your area, all you need to do is check The Templeton List. Then simply type in your city/state and you’ll have the list of vetted, quality restaurants in that area at your fingertips. Re

Here is a sample of healthy, organic restaurants you’ll find:

  • Picasso Café, located in Oklahoma City, proudly lists their local suppliers of fresh produce on their website — Prairie Thunder Baking Company, Pasta Pizzazz, Cao Nguyen, Savory Spice Shop, Mediterranean Deli, Wichita Buffalo, Magic Linen, and others. If you’re in the Oklahoma City area or planning a visit there, you’ll want to check out this Templeton List blog article which features five restaurants in Oklahoma City that met our standards.
  • Sweetgreen located on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC — we love that this restaurant prides itself on being a critical link between growers and consumers and is committed to supporting small and mid-size growers who are farming sustainably. Check them out HERE.
  • The Daily Beet with two locations in New Orleans, partners with local producers Cajun Growers, Inglewood Farms, Major Acre Farm, Paradigm Gardens, and SUA Farms. Learn more about the Daily Beet and other vetted healthy restaurant in NOLA in this Templeton List restaurant review.
  • Saint and Second located in Long Beach, California proudly features their suppliers on their menu. Check out their Chartuccerie Board for Two featured in this Templeton List restaurant review.


How to Access The Templeton List

Discover which restaurants in YOUR area are serving menu items with top-notch healthy ingredients. Go to this link — The Templeton List — and simply type in the city/state that  you’re looking for. You’ll instantly be shown the restaurants that have met our criteria, restaurants you can feel good about visiting. You’ll be shown the restaurant location, contact information, and a link to the restaurant website itself so that you can further check out the menu, hours, reservation requirements, if you desire.

We recognize that there are plenty of additional restaurants that may meet our strict standards — restaurants that we haven’t yet considered. So please let us know if your favorite restaurant is not on our list. We’ll be happy to check them out and add them if they meet our criteria.


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