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Cancer Survivor, Kirstin Nussgruber

Ultimately diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer, Kirstin Nussgruber shares her personal story and advice for surviving cancer.
Kirstin Nussgruber, Breast Cancer Survivor
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About this Episode:

“What else can you do?”  This was, and still is, the central question for cancer survivor Kirstin Nussgruber, a two-time cancer survivor and holistic nutritionist focused in oncology. What else, she asks, can you do to augment and enhance conventional cancer treatment?

In an interview with fellow cancer survivor James Templeton, Nussgruber discusses the complementary and integrative medical approaches she used in addition to conventional treatment to beat her own cancer, supporting her body’s healing through diet and lifestyle, approaches she counsels her clients in today. Templeton and Nussgruber discuss the importance of supplementation, emotional support, assembling a multidisciplinary team—including naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, and traditional oncologists—to tackle a cancer diagnosis, and much more.

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