Cancer Survivor

Cancer Survivor, Kathy Bero

Diagnosed with Stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and later with a high-grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma, Kathy shares her personal story and advice for surviving cancer.
Kathy Bero - Breast Cancer Survivor
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About this Episode:

Kathy Bero spent 18 years as an advocate for ecosystem protection and traveled extensively teaching leadership skills to women around the world before settling with her family on a 60-acre farm. But in 2005, her idyllic rural lifestyle was turned upside down with the diagnosis of two rare and late-stage cancers. Conventional cancer treatments not only challenged Kathy’s physical strength, but pushed her dangerously close to death. Despite taking advantage of everything her hospital offered, Kathy’s body was failing, leaving her to live each day half dead. As she tallied the limitations of conventional medical protocols, Kathy embraced the challenge cancer had offered her and discovered she had exactly what it took to change her life and thrive cancer free. The answers may surprise you. “When one door closes another will open, if you just turn the knob.” – Kathy Bero. This is her story.

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