Cancer Survivor, Bailey O’Brien

At the young age of 17, Bailey O’Brien was diagnosed with Melanoma cancer. The traditional approaches of prescribed care didn’t work for her, and she realized she needed something different when her cancer progressed to stage IV and her doctor advised she had about 7 months to live. That really got her attention and led her to seek and find an alternative, natural approach to healing, including a commitment to a radical diet and a trip to Mexico. Her cancer was completely reversed and eliminated in about two months.

Expert Interview Information

At Templeton Wellness, our goal is to provide you as much information as we can so that you have the knowledge and information to fight the best you can to overcome a cancer diagnosis. Along with our cancer survivor stories, we also provide insightful expert interviews where you get to hear from cancer doctors that are striving to provide a more holistic, alternative treatment to cancer. These practices are focused on healing your whole body, and allow you to take back your life when it comes to receiving a cancer diagnosis. To see all the interviews and hear from the expert themselves, click here.

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