For years, the idyllic coastal town of Brunswick, Georgia, has been home to picturesque landscapes and a tight-knit community. Yet beneath the tranquil surface lies a troubling tale of industrial pollution that has seeped into the very bloodstreams of its residents.

A groundbreaking exposure study conducted by Emory University has revealed shocking findings, shedding light on the profound impact of decades of industrial contamination. Preliminary results indicate elevated levels of hazardous chemicals coursing through the veins of longtime Brunswick inhabitants, surpassing the averages seen across America. In some alarming instances, these contaminants have reached concentrations comparable to the most chemically exposed five percent of the nation. This exposé delves into the unsettling revelations from the study and underscores the urgent need for further investigation into the potential health implications facing this community.

Read the full article here: Blood of longtime Brunswick residents contains high levels of hazardous chemicals, study says 


From Scenic Beauty to Silent Threat




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