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Do you know which ingredients to watch out for in processed foods? Candy marketed to children often contain dangerous chemicals and food dyes. The sad fact is that some of the “same companies that use artificial colors in children’s products in the U.S. typically use naturally based colors for the same products in Europe.” Here are the ingredients to watch out for.

Article by David Gutierrez, Cancer News:

If given the choice, how many parents would put petrochemicals in their children’s food? But when you buy most children’s foods on grocery store shelves, that’s the decision you’re making. These products are filled with petrochemical-derived ingredients from artificial colors to preservatives. Alarmingly, these ingredients have also been linked with health problems from hyperactivity to cancer.

study in the journal Clinical Pediatrics examined just artificial food colors, and found these harmful chemicals in 96.3 percent of candies, 94 percent of fruit-flavored snacks and 89.7 percent of drink mixes and powders. When children’s and adult foods were examined together, 43.2 percent of all products were made with artificial colors. Fresh produce was the only food category not made with artificial colors (yes, that means meat, dairy and baked products may all contain fake color!).

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