Eliminates pesticides and improves the taste of foods, extends storage life by at least 2 weeks. Fruits & veggies taste farm fresh, meats are tenderized — with Dr. Parcells’ Food Cleansing Bath (registered with the Smithsonian Institute). Add exactly 1 teaspoon of REGULAR Clorox® bleach to 1 gallon of water, then bathe the food according to the following guidelines:

Thin-skinned fruits such as apricots, berries, peaches, plums: 15 minutes
Leafy vegetables: 15 minutes
Poultry, fish, meat, eggs: 20 minutes
Thick-skinned fruits such as apples, bananas, citrus: 30 minutes
Thin-skinned root or fibrous vegetables: 30 minutes

Remove food from the bath and place in clear water for 10 minutes. Remove, rinse, and dry thoroughly. The bath can also be used as a thawing method for frozen meat (not ground meat). Soak meat for about 20 minutes for up to 5 lbs, then rinse in clear water and dry.

NOTE: This bath has been used therapeutically for nearly 100 years. Clorox® is not the same as chlorine. The active ingredient in Clorox® is sodium hypochlorite, which breaks down into salt and water. It becomes a potent oxygenating substance when diluted into a bath or soak.


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