Voices of Healing: Reader Impact from ‘I Used to Have Cancer’

When I set out to write the story of my journey back to health in ‘I Used to Have Cancer,‘ my goal was to offer hope and guidance to those navigating their own battles with cancer. I’m thrilled to see that my book has inspired so many.
Beyond my interviews with survivors and leading cancer experts, today I want to highlight something equally important—the feedback from our readers and listeners. This is where the rubber meets the road. Are the insights and support provided by The Templeton Wellness Foundation truly beneficial? The resounding answer (I’m happy to say) is, ‘YES!’ Here’s just a small sample of the written reviews.

What They’re Saying

A recent, heartfelt comment left on an interview I conducted with Stage 4 Glioblastoma survivor James McCraw (available on Rumble) struck a chord:

“I watched this through its entirety! I was diagnosed with brain cancer for the second time 2 months ago. My first time with cancer I did conventional treatment for a stage 3 Astrocytoma. That was 6 years ago. I did not have the same information then that I do now. The protogenos this time is Glioblastoma. This interview has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to fight this cancer more effectively! I had already begun with the Keto diet this time around and fasting. Thank you again for this information! I will be adding more of this knowledge to my cancer toolbox!” – John B.

It reinforced to me the purpose of The Templeton Wellness Foundation. I want to spread the word far and wide that there is HOPE if you’re dealing with a devastating cancer diagnosis as all too many people are. There are ways of dealing with cancer that you may not be aware of. And there are real-life examples of people just like you who took the time to explore a different pathway and took that first step toward not just healing… but thriving.

SELECTED AMAZON REVIEWS for “I Used to Have Cancer

“Read before having any cancer treatments”

“This is an amazing book. The author tells his story of his cancer healing journey but gives honest complete options to consider in the cancer journey. Cancer is not a death sentence. Read this book before you are treated because of fear. I actually bought an extra copy to lend one out to a cancer patient. I told him – Start reading at chapter 8 – finish the book then go back and read 1-7. So much valuable information.” – Elaine H.

“Facing the battle with cancer with hope and great courage”

“James’ book of his own personal journey back to health from stage 4 melanoma over 30 years ago is so engaging and heartfelt that I could not put the book down once I began reading! What he has learned from his own personal battle with overcoming cancer he now shares with us–providing us with the detailed information necessary to prevent cancer as well as to face the battle with hope and courage if one is facing a cancer diagnosis. My brother, who died of cancer in 2016, would have loved this book! If you know of anyone facing a cancer diagnosis or any other grave health challenge for that matter, James’ story will be a life saver. In fact, anyone can benefit from this book and use it as a valuable resource not only in preventing cancer in the first place, but in living a healthy lifestyle. The second part of his book gives us this–the lifestyle protocols for overcoming cancer–the right foods, the supplements–even lists of healthy restaurants. What a well written story of courage and determination which inspires and uplifts–James’ generous spirits shines through via the gift of his book to us–I can’t wait to share his story with my family and friends.” – Kathleen


“Thank you, James Templeton, for taking me on this journey with you. This book had a lot of usable information and resources that I can use in my battle for health. The real clincher for me was the info that parasites may be the underlying cause of disease. I was encouraged by the part of your story of having gone through the traditional methods by medical doctors of surgery and chemo only to be told they didn’t really have any help for you. I have resolved to battle on with diet and nutrition but your book helped me see there is more I can do, keeping my thoughts on a positive note, breathing, etc. I began my study of health through nutrition years ago to find a cure for psoriasis, so the nutritional part was not new to me. I had exposed myself to a lifetime of sunbathing for the psoriasis and now battling skin cancer. I felt this book gives everyone usable and more information than any other book. I like it that it reads like a story and holds my interest, not just a book with facts and figures. A very interesting read. An excellent resource.” – Nancy M.

“Excellent resource in the ‘war against cancer’”

“I received this book one day ago and have not been able to put it down. I know there are alternative treatments for cancer because I have been studying them for a decade and natural medicine actually saved my life as well. I have been an ardent follower of The Truth About Cancer, Chris Beat Cancer, Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer and lots more, and I plan to recommend this insightful and inspiring cancer journey and recovery with others. I think this book is scientifically sound and provides the reader with time tested treatments for all sorts of cancers. I love that he mentioned one of my all time favorite books, Curing The Incurable by Dr. Thomas Levy. Intravenous vitamin C is so effective in most cases. The world is very lucky to have this book and the great information it provides. Cancer definitely does not have to be a death sentence, but one must educate themselves and not fall for the Nocebo effect and fear mongering of allopathic medicine. A positive attitude and mindset is critical! Highly recommend this book!” – Marianne W.

“The ‘Real Deal’ with that ‘Never Give Up’ Fighting Texas Spirit”

“James Templeton is the “Real Deal”! In this inspirational story, he shares his own amazing personal journey of how he, in the face of a death sentence, waged and conquered his battle against cancer. Armed with his faith in the power of God, his “Never Give Up” fighting Texas Spirit, and his undying determination to win against all odds, he fought the biggest battle of his life! Along his journey back to wellness and good health, he gained a wealth of knowledge, which he shares to help others in their own battles against cancer or other life threatening illnesses. I believe this book is a must read for anyone who is either currently battling cancer or wants to learn about alternate ways to staying healthy. How do I know without a doubt that he is the “Real Deal”? He is my brother and I have witnessed his amazing journey as I cheered from the sidelines! I couldn’t be more proud to recommend his book.” – JDH

“A literal treasure trove of treating and preventing cancer!”

“The book is not only an inspiring tale of James Templeton’s 30 year battle with Stage 4 Melanoma cancer, but it’s loaded with tons of practical tips and resources that go well beyond the doom and gloom options of traditional medicine. James presents a literal roadmap that gives real hope to anyone battling cancer.” – Nikki C.

“What A Tribute to the Fighting Spirit!”

“James Templeton tells his important story in a heartfelt, entertaining way. His colloquial style and casual manner make reading a joy – it is both memoir and cancer healing guide, masterfully woven into one. I particularly enjoyed his discussion of the macrobiotic diet, which I don’t hear much about these days since the onset of the keto-craze. I have never read a health book that felt like reading a novel – until now! I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book if you are struggling with cancer or any other serious disease, or you simply need to feel inspired, encouraged, empowered. Great job, James Templeton!” – Grateful One

“Engaging, Inspirational, Informative, Powerful and Empowering!”

“I’ve had friends who’ve died of cancer and left this earth too soon. I have other friends who are struggling with it now, and some who are survivors. I want to do all I can to prevent this scourge from affecting my own life and the lives of those I love. James Templeton has written this wonderful book to share his inspiring and empowering story so that he can help as many people as possible heal from cancer or prevent it in the first place. The book reads like an engaging personal memoir, filled with interesting stories and anecdotes. It’s also chock full of practical, doable advice from which Anyone can benefit.” – Amazon Customer

“Powerful and Inspiring”

“James reminds me of those amazingly brave soldiers you sometimes hear about who nearly die on the battlefield, but go back anyway to help their buddies. He’s the person you’d always want on your team because you know he would do anything to help you. His work as founder of Uni Key Health Systems as well as The Templeton Wellness Foundation bears this out. This book is unique in that it not only tells the horrific story of his fierce battle with Stage IV Melanoma, but also describes the various protocols he used in beating it. If you have cancer, this book will inspire you and motivate you. If you don’t have cancer, but know someone who does, this book will give you insight into what it can be like to fight a deadly diagnosis and win against all odds. He’s going back for the wounded!” – Rhonda B.

Final Words

Like many of you, I’ve not only battled cancer, but I’ve lost friends and family to this disease far too soon. My deepest wish is for readers and listeners to find not just solace, but solutions and a clear path to sustained health through the pages of my book, the voices of survivors, and the advice of world-renowned cancer experts.

I would be only too happy to hear from you or to FEATURE YOU as the next cancer survivor story.


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