How James Allgood Survived Stage 3 Colon Cancer the Natural Way

14 years after being told he wouldn’t live more than 5 more years, James Allgood explains how he defied the odds

In this very frank and honest conversation, James Allgood talks about what it was like to get that dreaded phone call from his doctor telling him that “you have cancer,” the symptoms that led to the diagnosis of Stage 3 colon cancer, the emergency surgery that ensued, and how he ultimately found his way back to health — the natural way.

His symptoms? Digestive issues, diarrhea, constipation. In general, James knew something was wrong. He first tried colonics only to have the colonics therapist strongly urge him to see a doctor. There was a blockage in his “tailpipe” that made the procedure impossible.

Time was ticking. With his inability to eliminate bodily waste, his body became increasingly toxic. He began to feel more and more sick.

Weakened and very ill, James went to the Emergency Room. A short bit later, he underwent emergency surgery to bypass a tumor in his colon. He was hospitalized for five days. He recalls waking up one morning to find not one, but two priests in his hospital room. He was afraid he wouldn’t make it.

At a follow-up visit to his oncologist, James recalls looking around the waiting room and seeing cancer patients who looked utterly defeated. Despite the doctor’s recommendation of chemotherapy and radiation, James wondered if there might be a better way, and he began researching other options.

James admits he had smoked two packs of cigarettes a day from age 15 to 50, drank beer, and wasn’t all that concerned about how he was treating his body. After surgery, however, everything had changed and he realized he had to change his habits if he wanted to have a chance at living a healthy life from here on out.

He quit smoking, quit drinking, and began eating raw organic vegetables. And within a month’s time, he felt remarkably better. “When you eat live foods, you are putting live enzymes into your body and your body responds quickly.” The fiber in the fresh foods actually feeds probiotics that are so important for digestion. His energy and stamina began to return.

One of the doctors James’ research led him to was Dr. Tullio Simoncini, a doctor in Italy, who was curing cancer with sodium bicarbonate. Intrigued with the idea, James began treating himself with sodium bicarbonate enemas. (See James Templeton’s interview with Dr. Simoncini HERE)

James never stopped researching the many ways to recover one’s health in the battle against cancer. After five years on the raw organic diet, James went to the Center for New Medicine in California where he was asked by a clinician, “What blood type are you?” It turned out his blood type was O+ and as such, it was explained that his ideal diet included meat products. After that, he altered his diet to include high quality protein in addition to the clean, organic vegetables he was already eating. His muscle mass returned and his energy increased significantly.

You’ll enjoy listening to James as he describes these and other details about his astonishing return to health in this video interview. Don’t miss James’ explanation of one of the healthiest foods cancer patients can eat, how it revs up the body’s ability to fight cancer, and what a difference it made for him (40:00 minutes into video).




When you go down to skin and bone,

You have never ever felt so alone.

From the saddened looks of the people you greet,

To the doctor’s phone call…

He’s sorry, but sweet.

Look for the ways to get through this disease.

Try them all if you must; you need to succeed.

Lifestyle and diet change with zero tolerance is key.

Raw organic vegetables may help set you cancer-free.

— James Allgood

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