Enjoy Healthy Eating Even on Vacation: The Templeton List Can Help

Holiday travel should be an opportunity to unwind, explore new places and indulge in delicious food without giving up your commitment to healthy eating. Maintaining a nutritious diet while traveling can improve the experience for both traveler and host alike by keeping energy levels stable while feeling their best – using The Templeton List can help make this happen!

For travelers focused on eating healthy while traveling, The Templeton List can be a valuable resource. This comprehensive list identifies healthiest restaurants across America – whether that means organic meals, farm-to-table dining experiences or eateries focused on fresh, local ingredients – The Templeton List makes finding restaurants aligning with your dietary preferences and values easy no matter where your travels may lead you.

As with any vacation, keeping to a healthy eating plan has many advantages when traveling. First of all, nutritious meals provide energy needed to make the most out of your trip and instead of feeling lethargic after heavy, processed foods, you’ll be refreshed enough to explore, hike, swim or simply appreciate what is around you. Furthermore, eating healthily also keeps your immune system strong which reduces the risk of getting ill during risks during your travels.

Healthy restaurants also offer unique and flavorful dishes that showcase local cuisine in an exciting way. From vibrant salads featuring seasonal produce to expertly prepared lean proteins – these eateries show that nutritious food can still taste delicious and filling. When choosing organic and farm-to-table options, your dining choices also support sustainable practices and local farmers – making your dining choices both beneficial to yourself and the planet!

Whether you’re traveling to Orlando to enjoy the city’s famous outdoor parks, Chattanooga for some whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and hiking, or one of the many sunny beaches in California, you’ll find hand-chosen restaurants all across the country that support your dietary goals and allow you to enjoy every moment and meal to their fullest extent without compromising.

Our 5-Star Rating System

Restaurants listed on The Templeton List have been evaluated using our 5-Star rating system to determine adherence to our strict ingredient, preparation and environmental guidelines. Each restaurant displays a green check mark next to each area of compliance.

★ Is your food locally sourced?

★ Is your food organic, pesticide and chemical-free?

★ Do you use Healthy non-hydrogenated oils?

★ Is your water filtered?

★ Do you use real butter and absolutely no margarine?

★ Are you GMO-free?

★ Are you MSG-free?

Based on each restaurant’s answers, we have developed the following rating system:

If a restaurant meets all 7 of our criteria, it will receive our highest rating and a perfect score of 5 Stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

If a restaurant does not meet all of our criteria, we subtract from their 5 star rating based on how many criteria they fail to meet.

After you’ve located the healthiest restaurants in the city of your choice, you can look through the link to their website to find out their hours of operation along with what’s on their menu.

The Templeton List makes it simple to find restaurants that prioritize high-quality ingredients that support your dietary goals and allow YOU to enjoy every moment and meal to their fullest extent without compromising. I hope you’ll bookmark The Templeton List and use it as you make your plans!

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The Templeton List - Your Guide to the Healthiest Restaurants in America

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