The Templeton List

Throughout the years, we have been asked for recommendations of wholesome eating establishments. In response, we have created THE TEMPLETON LIST – Your Guide To The Healthiest Restaurants in America – so you can eat out without sacrificing your health or peace of mind.  

Our 5 Star Rating System

Restaurants listed in this directory have been evaluated using our 5-Star rating system to determine adherence to our strict ingredient, preparation and environmental guidelines. Each restaurant displays a green check mark next to each area of compliance.

Is your food locally sourced?

Is your food organic, pesticide and chemical-free?

Do you use Healthy non-hydrogenated oils

Is your water filtered?

Do you use real butter and absolutely no margarine?

Are you GMO-free?

Are you MSG-free?

Based on each restaurant’s answers, we have developed the following rating system:

If a restaurant meets all 7 of our criteria, it will receive our highest rating and a perfect score of 5 Stars 5 out of 5 stars

If a restaurant does not meet all of our criteria, we subtract from their 5 star rating based on how many criteria they fail to meet.

According to how each restaurant answered the questionnaire, you will see a listing to help you decide where to eat out in any town or city.  Our ratings are based solely on the information provided by the restaurant and are subject to change if incorrect information has been given to us.

Share Your Feedback

This endeavor is a work in progress and a labor of love. We welcome your feedback! We are continually on the lookout for even more healthy restaurants that we can vet and add to our guide.

Contact us using the form on this page if you have any comments or suggestions of more restaurants that we can consider.

In the interim, bon appétit!

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