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Cancer Survivor, Gayle Young

Diagnosed by her holistic doctor, Gayle shares her personal story of how she survived a variety of SERIOUS ailments, including eleven tumors on the left side of her body.
Cancer Survivor, Gayle Young
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About this Episode:

In 2012 Gayle was diagnosed with eleven painful tumors on her left side. She did not do conventional testing or treatment. Previously she had a tumor on her pituitary gland and when it started to grow and change in character, she stopped imaging and opted for a different approach. In her holistic approach, Gayle also utilized ZYTO scanning technology to uncover underlying factors contributing to her tumors, enhancing her personalized healing journey. She has been tumor free and healed for over seven years and shares her personal story and advice for surviving cancer. She continues to visit her oncologist 2x a year for labs only and today enjoys excellent health.

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