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Expert Interview, Dr. Robert Eslinger

Dr. Robert Eslinger D.O., H.M.D. is on the front lines of utilizing cutting edge diagnostic tools and non-toxic therapies to treat chronic degenerative diseases – especially cancer. Join James and Dr. Eslinger as they discuss the exceptional work being done at the Reno Integrative Medical Center with Vitamin C Therapy and Dr. Eslinger’s specialty work in Biological Medicine. Dr. Eslinger is also the author of “Outmaneuver Cancer” which once and for all dispels the notion that cancer therapy has only limited options.

For more information on Dr. Eslinger’s book “Outmaneuver Cancer: An Integrative Doctor’s Journey” check out: https://www.renointegrativemedicalcenter.com/outmaneuver-cancer/

For more information on the Reno Integrative Medical Center go to: https://www.renointegrativemedicalcenter.com/

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