We look forward to providing more information to you from the top experts in the integrative and functional medicine arena as they bring the latest leading-edge health and healing information to the holistic treatment and prevention of cancer. At Templeton Wellness we aim to offer as many resources to people that are fighting cancer as possible. Our expert interviews are no different. If you believe you know a medical expert that our audience would benefit from, please connect with us today. We look forward to expanding our holistic and naturopathic cancer-fighting resources with you!

Expert Interview, Dr. Michael Nelson

Dr. Michael Nelson is a pioneer in the practice of functional medicine and has dedicated his 35+-year career to helping others improve their lives and reverse chronic disease. In this interview, James discusses with Dr. Nelson the amazing effectiveness of Sulforaphane – the most powerful and protective active phytochemical in cruciferous vegetables. Sulforaphane has been shown to protect against a variety of cancers, neurological diseases, and the toxic burden we are all exposed to on a daily basis.

Fighting cancer can feel like an overwhelming obstacle. At Templeton Wellness, our goal is to offer as many resources as possible to our audience so they know all the options that are available to them when fighting cancer. Our expert interviews discuss and explain many holistic and naturopathic cancer-fighting alternatives that people have seen success through, and people should be aware of the option. Click below to see all the expert interviews that we offer, that dive into holistic cancer-fighting alternatives you should be aware of.

Along with our library of expert interviews, we interview individuals that have survived a terminal cancer diagnosis. Our goal with these cancer survivor interviews is to shed light on some of the holistic and alternative cancer-fighting methods they used, in order to give you as much information as possible so you can make the decision that is best for your fight with cancer. We understand that modern medicine has a place, but it shouldn’t be the only option you have in fighting to regain control of your life through a holistic and alternative medicine approach.

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