Why You Should Address Your Oral Health First When Battling Cancer

When I interviewed biological dentists Dr. Stuart Nunally and his partner, Dr. Lane Freeman, I was not surprised to learn that they require their patients with cancer to first have a thorough dental screening. Why? Your dental health impacts every aspect of your health – including a shockingly significant role in the development of cancer.

Dr. Nunally was a conventionally trained dentist who became a renowned biological dentist after the removal of his root canals. The result was full recovery from a debilitating neuromuscular disease and complete transformation of his health.

The Periodontal Disease – Cancer Connection

One serious contributor to poor health in general is periodontitis, a condition caused by a bacterial infection that damages the soft tissue and can destroy the bone that supports teeth. It is a major contributor to tooth loss. Left unchecked, bacteria from the mouth easily spreads throughout the body. An overaccumulation of bacteria results in increased inflammation which stresses the body’s natural immune system.

We’ve known for a long time that inflammation inflicts damage upon every organ in your body, including the heart. But that’s just the beginning of the damage it can inflict.

If you have persistent periodontal (gum) disease, you should know that there is a reported:

  • 30% increased risk of leukemia and other blood cancers
  • 33% increased risk of lung cancer
  • 43% increased risk of esophageal cancer
  • 50% increased risk of kidney cancer
  • 52% increased risk of gastric (stomach) cancer
  • 63% increased risk of prostate cancer

(source: Dental Health and Disease Risk: The Cancer Connection and Harvard Health Study

Warning signs of periodontal disease include:

  • Bleeding of the gums while brushing or flossing
  • Receding gums
  • Loose or separating teeth
  • Persistent bad breath

Periodontal Disease Solutions

If you have any of the above-described symptoms, visit a qualified biological dentist right away. Good dental hygiene is a MUST especially when fighting something as serious as cancer. Make brushing and flossing your teeth your new passion by practicing a minimum of twice a day.

Do You Have the Second Most Toxic Substance Known to Man in YOUR Mouth?

Amalgams were introduced in the U.S. circa 1830. Even with all the evidence gathered and publicly available as to the dangers of this substance, an estimated forty percent of American dentists continue to use amalgam fillings to treat cavities.

What do amalgam fillings consist of?

  • 50% of amalgam fillings contain mercury (the second most toxic substance known to man);
  • 30% of amalgam fillings contain copper;
  • 20% of amalgam fillings are made up of silver, zinc, and tin.

Mercury is extremely potent neurotoxin, second only to plutonium in toxicity. And while it may be difficult to eliminate from your system, it’s not impossible. But you’ll want to find a trusted holistic dentist to help you.

As I wrote in my book, I Used to Have Cancer, Dr. Hal Huggins, the father of mercury-free dentistry, spent a big part of his life researching the effects of the mercury poisoning caused by dental amalgams, as well as the dangers of root canals and cavitations. I personally have seen my blood chemistry results before and after my amalgams were removed, and it was eye-opening. If you’re suffering from cancer, I feel it is a “must” that you see a natural-oriented/ biological (holistic) dentist and get his/her opinion. Such a dentist will not only consider your overall health condition, but in most cases will use only biocompatible and non-toxic materials. I’m sure glad I did.

You Have More Control of Your Health Than You Think

Taking charge of your dental health is one of those things that can make a tremendous difference in your health. And it’s something you have total control over.

Do the simple things first. Buy a new toothbrush, make flossing your new hobby, and schedule an appointment today with a qualified biological dentist. You’ll find a list of reputable biological dentists in The Templeton Wellness Resource Directory.

And be sure to check out my video interview with Dr. Nunnally and Dr. Freeman at https://youtu.be/vRqqAhcYSD0

These simple precautionary steps are indispensable in your journey back to health.


Why You Should Address Your Oral Health First When Battling Cancer


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