The Inexpensive Blood Test Every Cancer Patient Needs

Cancer Need NOT Be a Death Sentence

Through my journey back to health, I’ve discovered there are many therapies, especially in the area of holistic and integrative medicine, that are widely available and have proven successful for thousands of cancer patients, including me.

And that’s why I enjoy bringing you extraordinary interviews with cancer experts from all across the world. Never before have we had the opportunity to hear from these dedicated professionals with the click of a button, at the time of our choosing, all in the privacy of our homes. Bringing the expertise of these skilled professionals to those who need it the most, and asking the questions that might be foremost on your mind is my passion.

In my video interview with cancer expert Dr. Robert A. Eslinger (link below), he explains the steps he takes to address cancer in the many patients who come in to see him from across the world at his clinic in Reno, Nevada – the Reno Integrative Medical Center. Dr. Bob, as he is affectionately known to his patients, specializes in the field of Biological Medicine, which combines classical, conventional treatments with modern science and technology. And with more than 40 years of experience under his belt, his success in helping cancer patients is legendary.

At Eslinger’s clinic, this is the first step for new patients:

The Nagalase Blood Test

Nagalase (short for alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase) is an enzyme that is secreted by every type of cancer. This enzyme enables cancer cells to hide from the immune system by effectively shutting down those all-important macrophage cells whose job it is to destroy rogue cancer cells.

All cells, including cancer cells, are surrounded by connective tissue and collagen. Nagalase produced by cancer cells is able to eat right through collagen, enabling cancer to metastasize, or spread throughout the body, via connective tissue. High levels of this enzyme are also linked to the progression of tumors.

A Nagalase test is inexpensive, around $150, and easy to administer. This test is an effective method of determining the amount of Nagalase in your body which can serve as early detection of cancer as well as providing an idea of the general level of cancer present. The doctor also may use it as a marker to determine the level of progress made as treatment progresses.

For information about where to obtain Nagalase testing, see our Resource Section, Diagnostic Tests.

In my interview with him, Dr. Eslinger explains the basic principles of how to kill cancer cells without damaging normal cells. And it starts with a basic understanding of how cancer proliferates.

Throwing Gasoline on a Fire

All cancer cells burn sugar without using oxygen in a process called anaerobic metabolism. And cancer cells require 18x more sugar to get the same amount of energy out of a given amount of sugar. That’s why the sugar intake of a cancer patient accelerates the growth of cancer. It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire.

Eating a low-inflammatory diet is one of the best ways to prevent cancer and keep it from spreading. Dr. Eslinger recommends a low sugar, low-carb, anti-yeast, anti-candida diet, low-glycemic index diet. This type of diet includes subtleties such as substituting sweet potatoes for white potatoes. It’s much easier to maintain over a longer period of time than the keto diet can be, though the keto diet has advantages particularly with glioblastoma. He recommends staying below 40 grams of carbs daily.

Healing from Cancer

Make no mistake — cancer is brilliant at survival. Nagalase is one of the ways cancer cells are able to cloak themselves and avoid being shut down by the immune system. But your body is still the #1 doctor in the world. If you give it what it needs, the amazing, natural immune system can do the job it was designed to do. And with a little help of medical experts like Dr. Eslinger, it is entirely possible to reverse course and begin to heal.

I urge you to check out the interview with this world-renowned cancer expert and learn about the many other therapies he uses to outmaneuver cancer, including a fascinating and highly successful way to combine chemo with IPT. Some of the other techniques he uses to help detox the body and improve the immune system are as simple as adding baking soda to your bath or sleeping on a BioMat. Learn the secrets that these skilled naturopaths know:


About Dr. Eslinger:

Dr. Robert A. Eslinger, DO, HMD, is author of Outmaneuver Cancer: An Integrative Doctor’s Journey. He is certified in Family Practice, Osteopathic Manipulation, and a Fellow of the AAIM – American Association of Integrative Medicine. He’s also a Founding Member of the IOICP (International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians) and Medical Director of Reno Integrative Medical Center (RIMC) in Reno, Nevada. Read more about his work at

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