Ozone Therapy: Your Secret Weapon for Treating Cancer and Much More

If you’re fighting cancer – or know someone who is – then you really should know about ozone therapy. To bring you the very best and latest information about this transformative therapy, I talked to the man who has been teaching practitioners from all over the world how to use ozone therapy safely and effectively since 1993.

WATCH PART 1 (excellent overview)

WATCH PART 2 (deals specifically with prostate cancer)

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD, ABAAM, has been practicing medicine since 1973 and has been a pioneer in alternative/integrative medicine since 1978. He is one of only 16 physicians in Nevada that are licensed both in conventional medicine as well as alternative and homeopathic medicine, giving him the advantage of integrating the best of both approaches for optimal results. His clinical experience has earned him the title of “Godfather of Ozone.”

Ozone was first discovered in 1785 by Dutch physicist Martinus Van Marum when he perceived a peculiar odor that was generated near the electrostatic machines present during that era. In 1873 Cornelius Benjamin Fox discovered the ability of this chemical agent to eliminate dangerous microorganisms. And it was no less than Nikola Tesla who first patented the first ozone generator in 1903 and was the first to ozonate olive oil, one of the unique applications of this transformative energy.

In 1911, Dr. Noble Eberhart, head of the Department of Physiology of Loyola Chicago University, in his “Manual of High-Frequency Operation,” stated the effectiveness of ozone to treat tuberculosis, anemia, chlorosis, tinnitus, whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, insomnia, pneumonia, diabetes, gout, and syphilis. He also created the first university teaching center dedicated to ozone therapy.

So What Is Ozone?

When you ask most people today what ozone is, their first thought may be pollution and the infamous “ozone layer” in the earth’s atmosphere. But ozone is not pollution. Ozone is pure oxygen and when used therapeutically, it is akin to “oxygen on steroids.” In other words, we know that oxygen is a highly effective medical treatment; ozone is even better.

Ozone is a regular occurrence in nature, and we can often recognize it by its unique odor. In fact, the Greek word ozone is derived from the Greek word ozein, which means “to smell.” Remember that fresh rain smell that you sometimes notice after a storm? It’s a result of naturally occurring ozone. Ozone is commonly produced during thunderstorms and even in waterfalls.

The oxygen we breathe, and which every cell in our body depends upon, contains two oxygen atoms (O2). Ozone has three oxygen atoms (O3). That’s a simple difference! That third oxygen atom is very unstable, however, and has a short half-life. As soon as ozone enters the body, it gives off the third negatively charged ion which then binds with free radicals found in the body and harmful organisms like viruses, bacteria, and mold as these are all positively charged. And that’s what makes ozone so effective in treating disease.

Measuring Your Body’s Ability to Process Ozone

Nothing stimulates the healing powers of the body more than oxygen. The general principle of the human body is that anything that is good for you likes oxygen; anything that is bad for you doesn’t like oxygen. So your ability to process oxygen is vitally important. And the process is measurable.

In Dr. Shallenberger’s clinic and in others like it, clinicians measure how much oxygen you’re processing vs. how much carbon dioxide you’re giving off (the whole process takes about 40 minutes), and they can then tell you how well you’re doing from a cellular standpoint when it comes to fighting off disease and aging slowly or rapidly. If your body is processing oxygen well, they tell you so and you can check back in a year or so to make sure you’re still on track.

But if you’re not processing oxygen efficiently, they can alert you and intervene to keep you from not only getting sick, but also help you to avoid unnecessary rapid aging. No wonder ozone therapy is heralded as a fantastic, safe, no-side-effect anti-aging therapy!

The Pile-On Effect

In general, young people have an easier time-fighting diseases. The primary reason diseases increase as we get older is an inability to process oxygen properly that happens with the aging of our cells. That’s why older people are more vulnerable to disease. Environmental toxins, bad diet and/or lifestyle habits, etc., and the sheer number of birthdays we experience takes a toll on our body and inhibit its ability to process oxygen efficiently. And the cumulative effect can be quite noticeable.

With ozone therapy, however, your body will start to process oxygen more efficiently and will be able to behave more as it did ten or twenty years ago. That means that viral infections, pneumonia, cancer – whatever challenge your body is fighting – can be more easily dealt with.

Ozone Treatment Methods

Intravenous: To treat systemic disorders, such as cancer and others, a prescribed amount of blood is removed from your body and infused with ozone gas. Then the blood which now contains ozone is injected back into your body via an IV.

Direct injection: This treatment method is especially helpful when used to treat joint, neck, or back pain, as the ozone may be injected directly into the affected area.

Insufflation: This method involves using a specialized device to blow ozone into a body cavity such as the ears, sinuses, joints, neck, spine (to treat pain), rectum to help liver and intestines, or the vagina. It is also effective in treating bladder cancer.

Cutaneous delivery: Highly effective in treating skin ulcers (diabetic foot ulcers for example), wounds and burns or other skin problems to speed up healing. The targeted area is enclosed in a sealed pouch, which is then flooded with ozone gas.

CAUTION: Please note that you should never inhale ozone from an ozone generator directly into your lungs nor should you inject it into the eyes. (It is completely safe, however, to breathe in the fresh smell of rain that occurs often in nature — that is the ozone you can (and should) breathe deeply with full lungs!)

Home Use

You can purchase your own ozone generator and treat yourself at home. If you choose to go that route, Dr. Shallenberger recommends Longevity Resources www.ozonegenerator.com based out of Vancouver, Canada, as their technology is superior to older ozone generator models. They currently have an effective model for approximately $1800 for home use.

Ozonated oils change the configuration of the oil, and it was Nikola Tesla who invented ozonated olive oil in 1906. The ozonated oil can be applied to wounds, insect bites, rashes, and to get rid of fungi, bacteria, etc. The strongest solution you can get as of this writing is from Longevity Resources company and may last decades – making it a valuable tool in your medicine chest.

When treating a virus such as the one that has recently taken our country by storm, it can be helpful to inject ozone by way of a blood transfusion and follow up with 25g intravenous vitamin C. The whole process takes about three hours total. It is possible to knock out virtually any virus within 24 hours (including herpes, Ebola, and others).

Ozone Therapy Valuable for Treating Cancer

For anyone who is being treated for cancer, ozone is optimal! Because it can make chemotherapy and surgery much more effective, results from those treatments are enhanced. Ozone has the unique ability to weaken cancer cells, speed up healing, and protect healthy cells from the chemo, resulting in far less sickness from the treatments themselves.

And again, you’ll want to follow up your ozone treatment with intravenous Vitamin C.

Take Control of Your Health

Take control of your health, don’t depend on our current medical system. Our current healthcare system is valuable for treating emergencies, broken bones, etc., but for long-term chronic diseases including cancer, you may need to seek integrative healthcare options.

The ultimate goal is to stay healthy and not get sick. It really isn’t rocket science. Yes, it takes a little discipline, but good health IS attainable. Find a practitioner like Dr. Shallenberger (or one who is trained by him), take control of your own health, and avoid being captive to a that all too often fails its patients.

Watch My Video Interviews with Dr. Frank Shallenberger:

>> PART 1 (excellent overview)

>> PART 2 (deals specifically with prostate cancer)

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