Conquering Breast Cancer the Natural Way — By Someone’s Who’s Been There, Done That

I recently interviewed Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, bioenergetic chiropractor and author of Heal Breast Cancer Naturally: 7 Essential Steps to Beating Breast Cancer that includes over 700 citations of published studies. Her Proven 7 Essential Systems® is a series of actionable steps anyone can take to get started on the right foot to beating cancer naturally

Dr. V (as she is known to her patients) is no stranger to cancer. Her father died from pancreatic cancer, her mother had breast cancer, and Dr. V herself has battled breast cancer not once, but twice. She has taken her first-hand experience and the knowledge she gained to a whole new level in helping others learn how they, too, can overcome cancer as she was able to do.
In my interview with her, Dr. V explains the seven steps she considers absolutely essential for any cancer patient. It’s an easy-to-do, check-the-boxes kind of approach. But don’t let the simplicity fool you — these are powerful protocols that can help anyone who may have received that dreaded diagnosis.

  1. Let food be your medicine. Understand that there is no “cookie cutter” diet. What works best for one individual may not work for another. But the exciting news is that there are methods to determine which diet is best for you and for the particular type of cancer you are experiencing.
  2. Reduce your toxic exposure. Many people are unaware of the many toxins that may be affecting their body’s ability to mount an effective defense against cancer. The sources of these toxins may surprise you — check the cleaning products you use in your home and the chemical-laden products used in your yard and rid yourself of those that contain toxic ingredients. (If you’re not sure, take this handy Quiz: Is Your Home Cancer-Proof? to determine how many toxic chemicals may be in your home). Make time to regularly detoxify your body. There are many ways, including coffee enemas, parasite cleansings, saunas, rebounding, dry skin brushing, etc. Limiting your exposure to EMF is another important practice to adopt.
  3. Balance your energy. Acupuncture, chiropractic care, earthing, restorative sleep, and keeping your hormones balanced are valuable methods of keeping your body in homeostasis. Don’t underestimate them! Studies have shown that people who are under chiropractic care, for example, have a 500% greater immune competence than people who are not. These are simple, but highly effective ways to improve your body’s natural immune response.
  4. Heal emotional wounds. In my interview with Dr. V, she said that if she were writing her book, now, she would include THIS as the #1 essential step to beating cancer. Why? Our thoughts affect every single cell in our body. If we have doubts about healing, our body responds accordingly and will release the necessary chemicals and hormones to validate that thought. The solution? Take the time to self-nurture. Forgive yourself and others. Do more things that give you joy and less of the things that bring you pain. And remember that those who take time to actually visualize their healing increase both their immune system response and the effectiveness of any treatment they may be receiving.
  5. Embrace biological dentistry. Your teeth are connected to every organ in your body via the body’s meridians. The status of your oral health is directly connected to your immune system and vital to your body’s ability to fight cancer. Some oncologists will not take you as a patient until your dental issues have been addressed. [See my recent article “Why A Biological Dentist Should Be On Your Team of Cancer Experts” for more information]
  6. Repair your body with therapeutic plants. There are key supplements, vitamins and herbs that can enhance your body’s ability to fight cancer, and Dr. V lists many of them in her book, “Heal Breast Cancer Naturally: 7 Essential Steps to Beating Breast Cancer.” In my interview with her, she also stressed the importance of keeping your vitamin D levels optimal, between 80-100 ng/mL is ideal. A simple blood test will reveal your vitamin D level.
  7. Adopt very early detection. One of the many helpful suggestions from Dr. V are the various blood tests that take the guesswork out of where you stand and the progress you’re making. For example, the Galleri test is a recommended blood test that scans for 50 types of cancer, with one simple blood draw. You’ll find all of Dr. V’s early detection recommendations in her book.

No matter what your diagnosis and how serious it may be, take the necessary time to explore your options. Understand that what you’ve done in the past has helped in some way to bring about the cancer your body is fighting, and the choices you make from this point forward can drastically improve your chances of overcoming this enemy your body is naturally compelled to fight. It just needs help from you.

When you realize that many others have been able to beat the odds, and as you see your cancer markers improving with each new step you take, may you be inspired to keep going! You can do this.
Watch my interview with Dr. V here:

Be inspired by the many success stories Dr. V shares on her website: and take advantage of her FREE copy of “Why Do I Have Breast Cancer? 7 Cancer Triggers to Avoid.”

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