Cellular Blood Analysis Can Detect Emotions, Forecast Disease

Ask anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, and they’ll probably tell you they wished they could have seen it coming earlier — before the biopsy, before symptoms began, and before they or their physician had any inkling that trouble was brewing. We all know that it’s much easier to direct the path of a small stream than a raging river, and it’s the same with our health. If we’re clued into problems very early in their progression, we stand a much better chance of nipping them in the bud.

A Vital Tool in Our Cancer-fighting Toolbox

Cellular blood analysis is an extraordinary and highly successful method of forecasting the root cause of future illness. It can be a vital cancer screening tool, as well as a reliable marker in a patient’s progress against cancer. So how does it work?

Using extreme microscope magnification (up to 65,000x), an in-depth analysis reveals the overall state and condition of a person’s blood cells. It’s the specialty of a process used by physicians like Dr. Hilu of The Hilu Institute.

Dr. Raymond Hilu, whose patients affectionately call him “Dr. Nousnours” (French for “Dr. Teddy Bear”) because of his compassionate approach toward them, is one of the leading cellular biologists in the world. He is the only scientific collaborator personally trained by Dr. Johanna Budwig who was nominated seven times for a Nobel Prize for her contribution in classifying fatty acids in oils.

Building on Dr. Budwig’s enormously valuable research, Dr. Hilu, who holds degrees in both medicine and surgery, has instructed doctors and scientists all around the world in the fatty acid protocol, the Mediterranean diet field, and on clinical nutrition. The fact that Dr. Hilu speaks several different languages fluently is exceedingly helpful in this process!

Blood Doesn’t Lie: Hidden Emotions Within

By studying blood under the powerful microscopes that Dr. Hilu uses at his clinic, it is possible to evaluate the root cause of why a person isn’t healthy. Under such a microscope, he can see the quality of the blood, the quality of the nucleus, shape, and the size of red blood cells, as well as what surrounds them. These are all indicative of the state of a person’s health.

Even emotions are detectable in this live blood analysis. Someone who is angry will have blood that is carrying hormones that a person who is not angry will not have present in their blood. For example, testosterone tends to increase during periods of anger even as cortisol decreases (The Hidden Emotions Within Our Blood Flow).

The blood doesn’t lie. It is “judge” of our health. If we are willing to listen to this judge, it will tell us what changes we need to make, what habits we need to change, in order to reverse the direction of our current state of health.

Such a blood analysis can be extremely helpful in getting to the root of health issues. Understandably, many cancer patients are frightened and may believe there is no solution to their health diagnosis. But when presented with a blood analysis, they may become aware of how their emotions, hormones, and other factors are affecting their health. It can mean a night-or-day difference in the way patients interpret their health — and the key to finding their way out of a downward spiraling health issue.

The Urgency of Detoxification

As we’ve learned from many of the expert physicians, practitioners, and specialists we’ve interviewed here at the Templeton Wellness Foundation, detoxification plays a huge part in healing from chronic diseases — like cancer. And according to Dr. Hilu, the detoxification process should be tailored toward an individual’s blood screening. A blood screening is vital to determine not only the health status when diagnosed, but the progress made through various treatments. The blood test is key to uncovering the root cause of what is going on within the body.

What type of toxins does Dr. Hilu typically find? Amongst the people that he treats, heavy metals are the #1 offender. In fact, Dr. Hilu said in the interview that he could not recall a single patient that did not have a high level of mercury in their mouth. “Metals are not meant to be in the human body. These metals act as antenna and pull into our bodies contaminating electromagnetic fields which add to our illness, our imbalances, and our deterioration.”

Liquid Biopsies

The National Cancer Institute reports that researchers are exploring an alternative approach to tissue biopsies – a liquid biopsy. This technique analyzes bits of tumor material (DNA, RNA, proteins, exosomes, and whole cells) that circulate within bodily fluids such as blood, urine, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid. It is a much less invasive procedure than a tissue biopsy and is very effective in monitoring the progression of chronic conditions such as cancer, tracking the development of drug resistance, thus allowing physicians an informed method of recommending up-to-date personalized treatments (source: www.cancer.gov/news-events)

Check Out My Interview with One of the Most Esteemed Cellular Blood Analysts in the World

The majority of people who seek his help don’t require a physical trip to his clinic in Marbella, Spain. You can submit request a blood test kit that will be mailed to your home, complete with detailed instructions. Upon submission, test results will be emailed along with suggested protocols. In certain life or death cases, however, you will be advised if it is preferable for you to travel to ;his clinic.

Pull up a chair and learn from an expert! Dr. Hilu sees NO disease as impossible to treat. He disregards the often frightening name or label given to a disease that may have been pronounced upon an ailing patient. Instead, he bases his therapies on how the patient’s body is functioning. And it is the cellular blood test that gives him unique insight into these issues – both for diagnosis and follow-up.



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