What exactly happens when we sweat it out? It’s true…we literally release toxins from our system using sweat as the conduit. Experts agree that we mainly release excess salt, cholesterol and alcohol.

But when you have cancer and no energy to exercise, consider using an infrared sauna instead. In an article in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Lawrence Wilson, MD, wrote, “If I were to single out one method to combat cancer, it is the sauna. It assists removal of chemical toxins and heavy metals, increases oxygenation, enhances the immune system, and reduces the radiation burden in the body.” Infrared sauna treatments are harmful only to malignant cells that just can’t take the heat! Normal, healthy cells are immune to infrared radiation. Other ways of eliminating toxins from the body include daily exercise, sweating, dry brushing, yoga, and deep breathing. Infrared saunas are available on the market and can be done in your own home.

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