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Cancer Survivor, Rick Hill

Diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphatic Cancer, Rick Hill shares his personal story and advice for surviving cancer.
Rick Hill, Lymphatic Cancer Survivor
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About this Episode:

Rick Hill and James Templeton have a lot in common – they are both from Texas and they both survived late stage cancer. In fact, they have 70 years of cancer survival between them. 

After being diagnosed with Stage III Embryonal Cell Carcinoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, the doctors had Hill call his family to come say goodbye. When they arrived, everyone sat down and decided things like who would get his gold watch. That’s when Hill’s pastor nudged him into looking at integrative medicine. When Hill asked his chemotherapist about it, the therapist smirked and said, “It’s warm in Tijuana this time of year.”

In this video, Hill details what he learned in Tijuana at the Oasis of Hope Clinic and how he has carried that learning through the rest of his life, now a survivor of 44 years. The men talk about diet, minimizing lifelong suffering, as well as the importance of consistency and having a purpose.

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