We look forward to providing more information to you from the top experts in the integrative and functional medicine arena as they bring the latest leading-edge health and healing information to the holistic treatment and prevention of cancer. If you know of a medical expert that you believe would be a good fit for our audience, please connect with us and we would love to meet them. We look forward to expanding our resources and interviews to offer additional holistic and naturopathic expert interviews so people are aware of as many cancer fighting resources possible.

Expert Interview, Dr. Adiel Tel Oren

Just rethink everything you know about skin! In this eye-opening interview, Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren explains why chemical sunscreens are a mistake; why being in the mid-day sun is so important; and what foods you should be eating (and which drugs you should avoid) to protect your skin and avoid developing skin cancer.

Dr. T (as he is affectionately known to his patients) is a Health & Nutrition Science Expert; Holistic Skin Scientist; World-Wide Lecturer to Doctors, Health Practitioners and the Public; Founder of the “Tel-Oren MucoCutaneous Therapy” — a Non-Surgical, Non-Medical Approach to Skin and Mucous Lesions; Skin & Anti-Aging Diagnostics and Therapeutics Innovator; Functional Medicine Expert; and Natural Medicine Author. For more information on the work of Dr. T check out: http://www.ecopolitan.com/.

At Templeton Wellness we strive to offer as much holistic and naturopathic resources for your fight with cancer as possible. All of our experts offer a unique perspective that we hope allows you to know the options and resources available to you in order to overcome cancer. Click below for many more expert interviews, all focusing on their expertise and perspective on how to fight to overcome cancer through holistic and alternative medicine approaches.

Along with our library of expert interviews, we interview individuals that have survived a terminal cancer diagnosis. Our goal with these cancer survivor interviews is to shed light on some of the holistic and alternative cancer-fighting methods they used, in order to give you as much information as possible so you can make the decision that is best for your fight with cancer. We understand that modern medicine has a place, but it shouldn’t be the only option you have in fighting to regain control of your life through a holistic and alternative medicine approach.

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